Thermal flexibility

The adjustable thermal balancing system (patented) allows adjusting the temperature of each coffee group easily so to adapt it to any coffee blend and any different consumption habits.

Smart Boiler

The Smart Boiler technology (patented) significantly increases the performance levels of hot water and steam, whilst optimising the water level in the boiler and ensuring the thermal balance for an ever-perfect result in the cup even under conditions of maximum use.


The Auto Steam is a steam wand equipped with a patented system that simultaneously delivers steam mixed with air to heat or froth the milk without manual intervention.
The air and steam delivery stops when the programmed temperature is reached. Simple to use and clean, the Auto Steam consistently produces a dense and velvety milk cream guaranteeing excellent results without sacrificing the typical baristas rituals.

Autosteam Milk4

The Auto Steam Milk4 is a steam wand that, in addition to dispensing steam mixed with air like the traditional Auto Steam (patented), is characterised by a terminal that allows you to mount or heat even small amounts of milk (of approximately 50 cc). It allows 4 milk recipies.

The temperature and emulsion level are established during the programming phase and can be modified directly by the barista to suit their needs for each of the 4 selections.

Milk Precision System

With the Cappuccinomatic preparing cappuccinos and other frothed milk-based drinks is easy: just press a button and the frothed milk and coffee are delivered into the same cup according to the programmed doses and proportions.
The MilkPS system (Milk Precision System), the heart of Cappuccinomatic, allows you to:
- have a consistent in-the-cup milk dose;
- ustomise the milk temperature for each selection;
- deliver milk portions at different temperatures to prepare layered beverages;
- extract the milk directly from the fridge placed under the bar counter.

Cold frothed milk

A special refrigerated unit is equipped with a system that makes it possible to froth milk by using air alone thus keeping it cold. The result is a full-bodied and velvety cream, whose density can easily be varied by adjusting the air flow. The temperature of the milk remains around 10°C. The new generation of superautomatic machines have the cold frothed milk function integrated.

Perfect Grinding System

Available for both traditional and superautomatic machines, the Perfect Grinding System (PGS) allows obtaining a perfect grinding, always.
When equipped with the special card supplied with the wireless grinder-doser, the latest generation traditional machines verify the accuracy of the extraction and report any changes in the grinding and the dose to the grinder-doser (via Bluetooth), which automatically reacts without any barista’s intervention.
When equipped with the specific software, also the superautomatic machines monitor all the parameters during delivery and automatically make corrections to the grinding and dose thus directly managing the built-in grinder-doser.

Green Tecnology

The company is a founding member of a consortium whose specific goal is to recover end-of-life equipment in accordance with the RAEE directive.
In fact, the use of environmentally-friendly plastics and materials such as copper, brass, iron, aluminium and steel make our equipment easy to recycle.
All our products comply with the RoHS Directive. Moreover, the latest generation machines are equipped with solutions that are energy saving.