The first factory


Carlo Ernesto Valente opens a coffee machine factory in Milan: the "Factory Electro Mechanical and Associated Equipment" ("Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche e Affini” - FAEMA).

The old warehouse

The post war

After the war, during the years of the great economic boom and the first space travels, Faema launches machines with names inspired by the cosmos:
Saturno, a big size machine suitable for high-selling cafés; Marte, characterised by futuristic lines, among the first machines to have Infuso di Caffè Idrocompresso (Hydro-compressed Coffee Infusion) written on the plexiglas; Venere, a compact size model, designed  for small cafés and leisure clubs which were increasingly widespread in post-war Italy; Urania, a machine characterised by really “space” shapes and details and by a backlit front panel.

The 60s


In 1961 Faema launches the E61, the first machine to use a volumetric pump to push the water onto the coffee cake at a pressure of 9 atmospheres needed to produce the espresso, a process that replaces the use of the lever.

Furthermore, the E61 optimises the pre-infusion principle: by wetting the ground coffee for a few seconds before starting the delivery, you achieve the maximum extraction of aromatic substances.


Faema E61
The E66 Diplomatic introduces many new features including 7 work programs, 6 for dosed delivery and one for continuous delivery, "the synthesis of past experiences and the latest technological developments". Presented at the 1967 Milan Fair, the X5 is a machine that, starting from the grinding of the coffee beans, is able to prepare coffee in a completely automatic way.
Eddie Merckx

The 70s

In a short time, the company takes a leading role in both the Italian market and in the Latin markets in general. Much of such a success is due to the extraordinary commercial attitude that led the company to invest boldly - by modality and entity - in sales and advertising.

The decision to sponsor a cycling team is particularly appropriate and far-sighted and, in the late '60s and early' 70s, the Faema brand can be seen on the shirts of champions like Merckx, Adorni, Gaul and Van Looy.


Designed by Ettore Sottsass and Aldo Cibic, Faematronic is the first traditional machine with electronic dosage and a display to control the operating parameters. Disegnata da Ettore Sottsass e Aldo Cibic, Faematronic è la prima macchina tradizionale con dosatura elettronica e controllo dei parametri funzionali mediante display.

Faema Tronic


Giugiaro's artistic talent creates E91, an innovative and elegant product featuring the latest technology of the time, such as the auto-diagnostic system. The E91 is still a great commercial success.

Faema E91


The new X3 is launched - a new generation of superautomatic machines characterised by the use of innovative materials to further guarantee durability and hygiene and by technological innovations such as, for example, the Smart Boiler, which optimises the hot water and steam performance.
More and more new generation machines, both traditional and superautomatic, are designed to facilitate ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
X3 Prestige2 Cappuccino
Faema Emblema


Born from a new collaboration with Giugiaro, Emblema is an innovative design machine, able to offer services, performance and technology that only a flagship product can boast. Designed by professionals for coffee professionals, it represents a turning point in the coffee machine field.


Faema launches Barcode, a compact superautomatic machine which allows creating a richer menu in line with customer’s contemporary needs also thanks to the use of instant beverages and, from 2012, of a special refrigerated unit equipped with a device for the preparation and delivery of cold frothed milk.


Faema celebrates its 70th anniversary with a new company payoff: EXPRESS YOUR ART.
EXPRESS YOUR ART illustrates the legendary brand and product, conjuring up atmospheres replete with passion, art, tradition, quality and coffee culture, stepping into the world of the barman.
The FAEMA coffee machine is the tool that allows you to set your passion for coffee in motion and enhance your artistic skills.

Faema E71


We have met wonderful interpreters capable of allowing us to experience unimaginable emotions. Music, painting, photography. But also architecture, writing and cuisine. When interpreted with respect, culture and passion, they can become art, and reach the highest peaks. Since we are convinced that coffee too is an art, we have conceived, designed and created the new FAEMA E71.  As the best interpreter of coffee artist.