Prestige A3 Three Group Espresso Machines


This product is only available upon request.

Key features:

• Smart Boiler Technology - significantly increases the performance levels of hot water and steam, whilst optimising the water level in the boiler and ensuring the thermal balance for an ever-perfect result in the cup even under conditions of maximum use.
• A pure matte white finish.
• Traditional thermal system - The system guarantees thermal flexibility and constant quality for all beverages produced. 
• Vertical push-button panel with LED buttons.
• Lights on each group for correct lighting of the work area.
• Redesigned steam wands ensure better ergonomics.
• Brass filter holders with a “soft touch” handle. The shapes have been designed to ensure the best ergonomics and a correct grip.
• Repositioned service display to improve water and steam service area.


• Autosteam - a steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam mixed with air to heat or froth the milk without manual intervention. The Auto Steam consistently produces a dense and velvety milk cream guaranteeing excellent results without sacrificing the typical baristas rituals.
• Tall cup version
• Electrical Cup Warmer.
• Mixed Water.
• Stainless Steel portafilters.


Technical Info 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group
LxDxH (mm)  468x539x560 812x539x560 1012x539x560
Steam Wands 1
2 2
Hot Water Wands & Selection
1 1 1
Hot Water Selection 2 2 2
Hot Water Boiler Capacity (L) 5 11 17.5
Weight (kg) 48
64 80
Power (W) 2800 - 3300 4200 - 5000 5900 - 7000
Electrical Connection

230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz

 230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz
400V/ 3ph/ 50Hz

 230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz
400V/ 3ph/ 50Hz