MC 99 - Grinder Doser

This product is only available upon request.

  • Wireless automatic grinder-doser. Equipped with a com- pletely developed in-house system which, using the wire- less Bluetooth 2.45GHz technology, ensures a constant dialogue with the new generation coffee machines equip- ped with the Bluetooth module standard supplied  with the grinder-doser. The system  checks that the  extraction is correct, and automatically makes any necessary cor- rections to the grinding and dose in order to guarantee the optimum quality of the coffee served
  • Touch screen with customizable color
  • Filter-holder fork of aluminium
  • Conic grinding burrs
  • Body of stainless steel and die-cast aluminium
  • USB port
  • Reduced hopper capacity for ground coffee (20 Espresso).
  • High production per hour